Behold, The White Horse - ...And His Flesh Will Nourish The Wolves (2006)

from: Boise, Idaho U.S.
genre: Grindcore / Death Metal / Deathcore
audio: 320 kbps

Devastatingly heavy grindcore duo from Boise, Idaho. Drums and bass are both composed on, and performed by a MacBook with Wade Jones playing guitar and Thomas Wilson on vocal duty.

1. Intro
2. E.W.A.H.I.T.B.
3. Integrity
4. Classic
5. D8515421
6. I Heard The Second Explosion
7. The End Is What We Hold Dear
8. Hit And Run Prospect
9. No You Didn't, You Did Not Hear A Thing
10. The Franklin Cover Up


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Rzazz said...

you should download thier newest ep on thier myspace!
its infinatly superior