War From A Harlots Mouth - In Shoals (2009)

from: Germany
genre: They combine the technical elements of Mathcore with Deathcore and a blend of Jazz.
audio: 320 kbps

1. They Come In Shoals
2. No High Five For A C.oward
3. Briefing Security Werewolves On Red Alert
4. Crooks At Your Door
5. Justice From The Lips Of The Highest Bidder
6. Copyriot
7. The Certain Nothing
8. Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept And Obstruct Errorism
9. What Happens In The District... (Paper Agents)
10. ...Stays In The District (I’m The Black Sheep Of Her Country)
11. Scully



Enraged By Beauty - Vae Victis (2009)

from: Germany
genre: Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal
audio: 320 kbps

1. The Rest Is Silence 0:38
2. Screams Of Suicide 3:22
3. None Of Your Excuses 3:37
4. Black Despair 3:08
5. The Best In Town 3:02
6. 7 Years To Come 3:22
7. Madhouse 3:07
8. Wrong Turn 3:13
9. When Heaven Falls 5:16
10. Pipe Dreams 3:30
11. Words Like Poetry 5:03


Into The Moat - The Campaign (2009)

from: Florida, U.S.
genre: Mathcore / Metalcore / Progressive Death Metal
audio: 320 kbps

1. The Last Century
2. From 1,000 Meters
3. Advocate v. Activist
4. The Fuhrer
5. Grunt
6. Law of Conservation
7. The Siege of Orleans
8. The Hermit




from: California, U.S.
genre: Mathcore / Experimental / Grindcore

Secretary - So Diabolical (2005)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Makin' Out Like Bandits
2. The Annual Guillotine Weekender
3. Whoa There Cowboy, Point that Thing Somewhere Else
4. The Ol' Hit and Run, Eh
5. Keep Your Eye on the Ballistics
6. A Movement of Standing Still
7. Predecessors Expire
8. A Short Drop and A Sudden Stop
9. I Am Chicago
10. Five Severed Fingers Don't Make A Hand
11. Balderdash

Secretary - Thinking in Moderation EP (2007)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Dirt Paintings of Prostitutes
2. I Love a Good Caper
3. Impeccable Timing of the Naysayers
4. Five Severed Fingers Don't Make a Hand
5. Not Another Hit and Run
6. We Had Part of a Slinky, But I Straightened It

Secretary - EP (2008)
audio: 192 kbps

1. A Movement of Standing Still
2. Keep Your Eyes on the Ballistics
3. Epitome of Stardom
4. Predecessors Expire
5. Five Severed Fingers Don't Make a Hand



Fiction Like Non-Fiction - Rick or Die EP (2006)

from: California, U.S.
genre: Indie / Screamo / Hardcore

1. Rick Or Die!
2. Skate Or Rick!
3. Life Goes On After Rick!
4. Senators Salsa
5. Taking Back Sunday
6. Get Ricked!


The Funeral Pyre - December EP (2009)

from: California, U.S.
genre: Melodic Death Metal
audio: 192 kbps

1. Into The Soil 5:41
2. To Walk The Maintain 4:37
3. Into The Ocean 5:41
4. Frail And Dying 4:37
5. The Last Breath Of Man 5:42



from: Belgium
genre: Screamo

Isaïah - Tour CDR (2008)
audio: 224-320 kbps

1. Le désir d'a(perce)voir
2. Mémoire d'un vaincu
3. L'angoisse d'une réussite éphémere
4. Interlude
5. Euthanasie de mes ames perdues
6. Le poids des mots

Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas (2009)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Quand les flammes viennent des occupants
2. Des enfants, j'aurais dû le tuer deux fois
3. Derrière le voile et la croix elles acceptent la mort
4. 21-28 mai 1871
5. Des chiens de garde et des cerbères
6. Euthansie de nos âmes perdues
7. Enfants de l'apathie ...


Git Some - Cosmic Rock (2008)

from: Denver, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Punk / Stoner Rock
audio: 192 kbps

Git Some is a band from Denver, Colorado consisting of 4 dudes (including Chuck and Neil from Planes Mistaken For Stars) who grew up on 80's punk rock, Regan era America, and shitty weed, discharging cathartic bursts of noise that shatter angst and inhibitions. cosmic rock, by way of wild abandon, loud-ass guitar, bass and drums, and an explosive singer. It's all the good things about hardcore stripped of the agenda, all the great things about metal and hard rock stripped of the unnecessary machismo.

1. Glowing Shadows
2. Trixy Loves Misty
3. Nice Suit
4. Wish Cigarette
5. Chainsaw Clothesline
6. That's Just Eczema
7. Fabric Eyes
8. Impending Zombie Apocalypse
9. Fall From Grace
10. Buckle Up!
11. Time Bomb




genre: Hardcore / Metalcore

Acme (from Bremen, Germany) were among the most influential Hardcore bands of the 1990’s. Edison released their album “to reduce the choir to one soloist” in 1996, but the recordings date back to 1993/1994, these nine tracks comprise the entirety of Acme’s recorded career (one 7”, three compilation tracks, one demo).Presumably the band take their musical cues from early 90’s Hardcore bands such as Born Against and ‘Protestant’-era Rorschach, but this is occluded so thoroughly by a dense (funeral) fog of extreme metal, sludge and grind that their original Hardcore influences are difficult to pinpoint. The result is one of Acme successfully straddling all of their influences without ripping them off, and unlike some of their imitators, they don’t resort to blast-beat extremity by excess.The influence and importance of these recordings has become impossible to ignore in the wake of the metallic hardcore and ‘screamo’ explosions that followed. Converge, Orchid, Morser, Caliban, Shikari, Breach…the list is expansive and far transcends the infamous ‘Bremen scene’. Do not let these names fool you though. The originators were the masters, and for people who like genuinely intense, dark, challenging, extreme music of any form - this record is impossible to fault.

Acme - Selftitled 7''
1. Blind
2. Attempt
3. Injection
4. Ordinary


Acme - ...to reduce the choir to one soloist
1. Blind
2. Attempt
3. Injection
4. Ordinary
5. Cathode
6. Basterdiser
7. Repress
8. Attempt
9. Repress



IWrestledABearOnce - Self Titled EP (2007)

from: Louisiana, U.S.
genre: Death Metal / Experimental / Electro / Grindcore
audio: 320 kbps (cd rip)

1 . Ulrich Firelord: Breaker Of Mountains
2 . Alaskan Flounder Basket
3 . Vlork: Mighty Wielder Of Sheep
4 . Still Jolly After All These Years
5 . Corey Feldman Holocaust
6 . Firelord Ulrich (Remix By Dada Yakuza)
Bonus Track: Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (Not Included In The Album)


Cougar Den - Keepondrifter (2008)

from: Wisconsin, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Screamo / Indie
audio: 256 kbps

1. Ash Not Dust
2. Burn The Vatican
3. Between Long Lines
4. Short Bus Front Flip
5. 9.4.06
6. It is the Flash Which Appears
7. The Thunderbolt Will Follow
8. Party Awesome
9. East'll Meet West Anyway


Tiger Flowers - Demo (Myspace Rip)

from: New York, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Mathcore / Chaotic Hardcore
audio: 192 kbps

Current Members:
Vocals - Jesse (ex-My Bitter End)
Guitar - Dean (ex-Johnny Cage is a Fake)
Bass - Will (ex-Johnny Cage is a Fake)
Drums - Dan (Randall Flagg)

1. Intentions
2. Sharps


Johnny Cage Is A Fake - Self Titled (2005)

from: New York, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Mathcore
audio: 192 kbps

Johnny Cage is a Fake was a band from the Bronx in New York. They formed in July 2004. They did their own brand of hardcore / metal with noise, grind and math influences. They broke up in February 2007.

The former members of the band now have various other projects including Tiger Flowers (w/ ex members of My Bitter End.)

Vocals - Ryan
Guitar - Dean (now in Tiger Flowers)
Bass - Will (now in Tiger Flowers)
Drums - Alex

1. Nigga Please
2. Cooler Heads Will Prevail
3. Holywater Slip-N-Slide
4. Apocalypse Kid
5. The Power Of Negative Thinking
6. Destruction Of Steps
7. Sex With A Mannequin
8. Cujo
9. So Far So Bad
10. Bitchslap The World


Hands - The Sounds of Earth (2009)

from: North Dakota, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Ambient / Screamo
audio: 320 kbps

1. Beginning
2. Judgment
3. Mercy
4. Separation
5. Communion
6. The Sounds of Earth
7. Despair
8. Hope
9. Ignorance
10. Revelation


Aislin - Self Titled EP (2009)

from: Massachusetts, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Rock / Experimental
audio: 254 kbps

1. Alright, 50 Bucks I Hit It Over The Highway. Any Takers?
2. It's Not For Sale Francis
3. Jewels For Betty
4. Houdini Walks
5. That's What She Said


A Voice Like Rhetoric - Ethos (2006)

from: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.
genre: Indie / Progressive / Rock
RE-UP in better quality

1. Billy Enforcie
2. Never Trust a Fench Auto Mechanic
3. Please Don't Call Me a Mindless Philosophy
4. Breathing Is Believing
5. Familiarity Breeds Contempt
6. Man, Multiplication Is Hard!
7. Pssst, Our Vestige Is Showing
8. Foxhole
9. I'm Sort of a Perfectionis... Perfectionis.. T
10. The Dutch Are Practical, Its a Hub
11. Your New Disco-Tech



Belle Epoque - Wicked Ones And Thieves EP (2009)

from: Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
genre: Indie / Rock / Emocore
audio: 320 kbps

1. Wicked Ones and Thieves
2. Have Fear…For It is Revealed
3. We Are the Bold
4. Keeping the Innocent
5. And We Will Be Delivered



from: Peterborough/Bristol/London, U.K.
genre: Indie / Progressive / Post-Hardcore / Art Rock

Sidearm were a band from Peterborough, UK. They play an intense kind of art-rock with a focus on experimentation and dynamic rhythm changes. Beautiful melodies will hook you in, and then in the blink of an eye, the tempo, rhythm and dynamics change into passion driven angst-fuelled rock.

Sidearm - Don't Cry Help Until You're Dead EP(2007)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Follow Augustus , He's Going To Be King
2. Precede The Map
3. Peach Garden
4. Jeremy's Parking Only
5. Victim Junkie


Sidearm - Home Recordings Vol. 1 (2008)
audio: 256 kbps

1. I work with a communist robot
2. …and still in our sleep
3. Errata & omissions
4. We can’t talk off air because nobody’s getting paid

Sidearm - Sing Cinema 16! Sing! EP(2008)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Moment in youth
2. Red wizard 4
3. …
4. House away


Neil on Impression

from: Italy
genre: Indie / Post-Rock / Experimental

Neil On Impression is an Italian instrumental post-rock outfit blending dynamic explosive guitar, piano and drum workouts with epic string arrangements. The band features members of the screamo band Raein.

Neil on Impression
For A New Grammar Of Feelings (2003)

1. Anie Sleep
2. Prague
3. Reflection Means Distance
4. Ode To Bigriver
5. Trains And Falling Stars
6. Views Of An Embrace
7. A Feather
8. Through Cape Canaveral

Neil on Impression
The Perfect Tango (2005)

1. Stars Paint The Forest Go
2. Like Hippos Running To The Moon
3. The Silent Glance Of Andromeda
4. The Perfect Tango

Neil on Impression
L'oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre (2008)

1. Irlanda
2. Barone
3. Il Faro E La Barena
4. Il Giardino Dei Riflessi
5. Glarontrlkla
6. Centimetri Davanti All’orizzonte
1. I Deserti Si Muovono
2. La Citta Del Possible
3. Perde Pezzi Di Se’
4. Nella Tempesta Di Aquiloni
5. Eserciti Di Carta Volgono A Oriente
6. Parata Per Quatro Addii


Van Johnson - Self Titled (2004)

from: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
genre: Screamo / Hardcore
audio: 320 kbps

1. Speechless For Once
2. Haunting This Body
3. Spagator
4. Ashes
5. Strum And Drang
6. Flatlands And Graveyards
7. Beggars And Bones


Sofy Major - Self Titled (2007)

from: France
genre: Screamo / Noisy Hardcore
audio: 320 kbps

1. Is there any way out ?
2. Motionless
3. I'm Your Demon
4. Stalk
5. I Lost Paranoïa
6. Once Upon no Time
7. Black Scars