More Than Life - Brave Enough To Fail EP (2008)

from: U.K.
genre: Hardcore / Punk
audio: 192 kbps

1. Aperture
2. Faceless Name
3. In Hindsight
4. Never Ender
5. Brave Enough To Fail
6. Fear


Drive Like Jehu

from: San Diego, California U.S.
genre: Post Punk / Post Hardcore / Math Rock

Drive Like Jehu was an American post-punk/post-hardcore band led by Rick Froberg and John Reis, formed in 1990 in San Diego, California and disbanded in 1995. Their music combines elements of rock and punk with complex time signature changes, complicated interweaving guitar lines, unusual and extended song structures, and atonal, dissonant guitar riffs, sometimes described as noise rock, math rock or sludge rock. They released two full-length albums before disbanding in 1995, partly due to Reis' increased involvement with his other band, Rocket from the Crypt. The success of Rocket from the Crypt and of Reis and Froberg's later band Hot Snakes has drawn increased attention to their work in Drive Like Jehu and led to a re-release of their influential album Yank Crime. Posthumously, Drive Like Jehu's music has been cited as a catalyst for the re-emergence of emo and for the prolific San Diego music scene of the 1990s.

Drive Like Jehu - Self Titled (1991)
audio: 160 kbps

1. Caress - 3:55
2. Spikes to You - 2:18
3. Step on Chameleon - 5:12
4. O Pencil Sharp - 9:44
5. Atom Jack - 2:24
6. If it Kills You - 7:12
7. Good Luck in Jail - 4:05
8. Turn it Off - 6:12
9. Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity - 3:58


File:Yank Crime cover.jpg
Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime (reissue 2002)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Here Come the Rome Plows - 5:44
2. Do You Compute - 7:12
3. Golden Brown - 3:14
4. Luau - 9:27
5. Super Unison - 7:24
6. New Intro - 3:32
7. New Math - 4:06
8. Human Interest - 3:24
9. Sinews - 9:12
10. Hand Over Fist* - 4:24
11. Bullet Train to Vegas* - 2:40
12. Sinews" (original version)* - 9:32

*Tracks 10-12 appear on the re-release only.



Young Livers - The New Drop Era (2007)

from: Florida, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Punk
audio: 256-320 kbps

1. The Small Hours
2. Non Monumental
3. Means of Buoyancy
4. Fair Well
5. Dust & Desire
6. Drinks Are Our Amnesty
7. Paper Lions
8. From the Throat


Kids Explode & Dialogues - Split (2006)

from: Freiburg, Berlin, Germany
genre: Screamo / Indie / Rock

from: Virginia, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Indie

1. Kids Explode - A Romance In Alcohol
2. Dialogues - Smoking Parliaments Does Not Make You Funky
3. Dialogues - Six Packs None The Richer



Miss May I

from: Troy, Ohio, U.S.
genre: Metalcore / Thrash

The metal/thrash/hardcore band, Miss May I, hail from Troy, Ohio, featuring Levi Benton (vocals), Jerod Boyd (drums), BJ Stead (guitar), Justin Aufdenkampe (guitar), and Ryan Neff (bass). The band has been around since 2006, playing local shows and steadily gathering a loyal fan base. You can catch them playing shows mostly in Ohio.

Vows for a Massacre EP (2007)

1. Lullaby for a Beast
2. Destroy Thy, Destroy He
3. A Dance With Aera Cura
4. Unfortunate Engagement
5. Chambered Winds


Miss May I - Demo 2008

1. Architect
2. Arms of the Messiah
3. No Need To Whip A Dead Horse
4. Swing
5. Tides




Maniquí Lazer

from: Mexico
genre: Experimental / Electro / Punk

Hi-fi attitude compresse in lo-fi seconds twined with noisy synthetic pop winks…“Lazer punk” they call it. What Rodo (bass and keyboards), Valentín Torres (keyboards) and Jung Sing (drums and vocals) have been doing since the beginning of 2005, in the warm border city of Mexicali, Mexico, is something far beyond “simple” punk.
This young musician’s power combo, with a sinister humor and electronic hints, roughly deconstruct rock music that, until today, has grown a great legion of fans all over the country. These three mannequins breakthrough the conventional apparel, making you go wild and dance with music you’re not even supposed to dance to. Maniqui Lazer blends the heritage of Iggy Pop’s attitude on stage and the impudence of The Liars live.
Maniqui Lazer may fill the gap between the sound of The Blood Brothers, Les Georges Leningrad and XBXRX. Their debut album was produced by Mexicali’s techno favorite Ruben Tamayo a.k.a Fax (Traum, Static Discos, Rocket Racer).
That might explain why in such a short time, they’ve shared stage with bands like: Xiu Xiu, Viking Moses!, Erase Errata, The Black Lips, The Spits, XBXRX (together they toured border cities in early ‘06), Montag, The Locust (toured mexico in june ’07), Sleeping People, Crystal Castles, James Holden, The Rapture, Numbers, My Disco as well as known mexican artists like Fax, Zoe, Plastilina Mosh, Silverio, Childs, Austin TV, Insite, E.lebleu, She’s a Tease, Quiero Club, Panoptica, Niño Astronauta, Titán, Fancy Free among others.

Maniquí Lazer - Fat Girls Killing Models EP

1. Fat Girls Killing Models (Demo)
2. Kill The Maniquis (Demo)
3. You, Me And The Lazer Gun (Demo)
4. Donkey Punch (Demo)
5. You, Me And The Fax Machine (Fax Remix)


Maniquí Lazer - I Learn Everything On TV

1. 788662
2. Dance Pills
3. Electric Fingers
4. Sleeping With Robots
5. Fat Girls Killing Models
6. Beverly Hills Son
7. Tamogotchi Machine
8. Ms. Lazer
9. Sonic Sex
10. I Learn Everything On TV
11. Kill The Maniquis
12. Drinking Circuits
13. You, Me And The Lazer Gun II
14. Tom Selleck Moustache
15. Teenage Mutant
16. You, Me And The Lazer Gun



Maniquí Lazer - Sonic Sex For All

1. Copy Violators Remix
2. Buddy Akai Remix
3. Pelvis Remix
4. Bufi Remix
5. The Lowgloss Remake
6. Loud Noises Remix
7. Señuelo Remix
8. Dance Pills (We Suck At Parties Remix)
9. Fat Girls Killing Models (Pepepe Remix)
10. Horses Eating Horses (Live)


Maniquí Lazer - The Amazing Kingdom Of The Animals In The Zoo, Chapter I: Magical Medicine

1. Horses Eating Horses
2. Cutting Hands To Be A Wizard
3. Ghost Army
4. Indian Gold
5. Quantumu
6. Now Get Your Blood
7. Samurais Live Underwater
8. Death Of The Muscle
9. Entrance...




Sleeve - A Mindless Youth (demo 2008)

from: Biesdorf, Berlin Germany
genre: Experimental / Hardcore / Death Metal
aidio: 192 kbps

1. Champagne! This Is An Air Crash
2. Roswell Overdose
3. Lap Dance Millionaire


The Forgotten Secret - The Reach For The Unknown (2008)

[image r[4].png]
from: Denver, Colorado U.S.
audio: 192 kbps

1. Intro
2. We All Make Mistakes
3. Easy Come, Easy Go
4. Is This What You Wanted
5. When You Scream
6. Walk As One
7. The Reach For The Unknown



Stop It!! - Self Made Maps (2003)

from: Richmond, Virginia U.S.
genre: Post-Hardcore / Indie / Screamo
audio: 320 kbps

1. Maybe She's Born With It
2. Name + Number
3. Amen & Boys
4. A Clever Play on Words
5. Remove Your Teeth
6. S.S. Betrayel
7. Captain Roboto
8. Here's to New Shortcuts
9. Beethoven's Funeral


Science of Yabra - Check The Sound (2006)

from: Portland, Oregon, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Post-Hardcore / Noise
audio: 256 kbps

*ex-members of A Great Divide and Yaphet Koto.

1. R.T. Hot Hands
2. Success to the Successful
3. G. Vs. Jalal
4. Rich Kid
5. Boss' Son
6. Vengeance Will Be Mine
7. How Long You Been Nursing That Pony
8. Cash Cow Has a Moustache


Within Choking Range - Most People Just Die (2005)

from: U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Metalcore
audio: 192 kbps

1. Hangman
2. Unheard
3. Most People Just Die
4. Chainsaw Anthem
5. Sea of Razors
6. Pit Maneuver
7. In Darkness I Wait


The Rabbit Theory - Save/Cancel (2008)

from: Zurich, Switzerland
genre: Screamo / Post-Hardcore / Indie
audio: 320 kbps

1. What Monster?
2. Spanish Inquisition
3. It's 1:55
4. My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels
5. Welcome To Lake Chicamocomico
6. Pew! Pew! Laserguns!
7. The Bridge Between The Two Peaks Of Mt.Kilimanjaro
8. Have You Confused Your Cat Recently?
9. The Man With Three Noses
10. Expedition To Lake Pahoe


Brainworms - Which Is Worse (2007)

from: Richmond, Virginia U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Punk
audio: 320 kbps

1. Born With A Beard 2:26
2. Gnar Gnar 2:27
3. Heart-Shaped Hickey 2:03
4. Bohemian Stairbird 3:18
5. Mendoza Line-Drive 2:05
6. Break Down The Pajama Wall 2:47
7. Aw, Hell No! 2:23
8. Phat Intentions 2:34
9. Gnar Gnar (Live) 3:56
10. Ropes Course (Live) 3:23
11. Gettin' Rad (Live) 2:11
12. Baggy, Shorty, Fatty And Friends (Live) 1:41
13. Sunrise Dudes (Live) 2:12
14. Aw, Hell No! (Live) 2:38
15. Heart-Shaped Hickey (Live) 2:23



GARY Suicidal Kids Commando

from: Pau, Aquitaine France
genre: Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Progressive

High grade hardcore from Southern france, intense, personal, epic and drifting, GarySKC incorporate the feeling of Ennio Morricone being covered by Neurosis and Envy. Intellegent and heavy, Co-release via Rimbaud, The Left Hand DIY and SMYT Records.

Gary Suicidal Kids Commando - Demo 2003
audio: 192 kbps

1. Mad Max
2. Holy Terror
3. Switch Off The Light
4. Welcome
5. S.O.S.
6. Enthusiasm
7. Burnt Throat But Polite Smile
8. These Fucking Martian Dudes


Ainsi Passe La Gloire Du Monde (2005)
audio: 128kbps

1. Gloria Mundi
2. L'éloge de ta solitude
3. Juste une heure à Manamah
4. Double échange
5. Tout s'illumine
6. Alphabet
7. Bagdad café
8. 527b
9. N'ayez crainte



Hanni Kohl - Hanni und Kroko EP (2008)

from: Germany
genre: Death Metal / Electro / Cybergrind
audio: 320 kbps

1. intro 2008
2. Abschied
4. untitled unfinished
6. EX (remix)
7. Chuck Norris (new version)


Arcades - Firsts Demo

from: Kent/South East London U.K.
Genre: Math / Screamo / Post-Rock
~hosting request~

1. Party! Party! Party?
2. None for you Mary Poppins/Hitler Bar Mitz-vuh
3. Penguin Tarantino
4. Davey Jones' Footlocker
5. wun too phree

It also has two live tracks from their first gig and a couple pictures.


Brainworms & The Catalyst - Split 7'' (2007)


The Catalyst:
from: Richmond, Virginia U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Screamo / Noise

from: Richmond, Virginia U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Punk

1. Brainworms - Winnie Cooper
2. Brainworms - Art Thou Bored
3. The Catalyst - Born With A Buzz
4. The Catalyst - Dunna Nanunna


Scars of Tomorrow

from: Orange County, California, U.S.
genre: Metalcore

Metalcore outfit Scars of Tomorrow emerged from California's Orange County in October of 2000 with their own West Coast take on East Coast hardcore, often showcasing a melodic sense among otherwise blistering music. They first debuted in 2002 on Thorp Records with All Things Change, following up the next March with Design Your Fate. Guitarist Ruben Martinez and drummer Mike Madariaga left after the latter album, and vocalist Mike Milford, guitarist Carlos Garcia, and bassist Robert Bradley were joined by Chris Warner on drums and Dave Rodriguez on guitar; the crew signed with Victory in May 2003. The band's label debut appeared the following February, entitled Rope Tied to the Trigger. Crossing North America several times over with bands like Himsa, Atreyu, and Norma Jean, Scars of Tomorrow issued The Horror of Realization in October 2005 before heading out to support it with Bury Your Dead. About two weeks prior to leaving on tour, however, everyone but Milford decided they were done with the band. Undeterred, he quickly recruited new members -- guitarists Joey Atkins and Kevin Fifield, bassist Dan Bieranowski, and drummer Ryan Severino -- and shows went on as scheduled. Thorp Records released The Beginning Of, a compilation of early and out of print recordings, the subsequent March. With new drummer Justin Salinas (ex-Inked in Blood) and bassist Mike Boccuzzi next on board, Scars of Tomorrow's next studio full-length, The Failure in Drowning, appeared on Halloween 2006. That record would prove to be Scars of Tomorrow's last. Following a subsequent spring tour, the guys decided to finally put the band to rest and start over fresh. Scars of Tomorrow played their last show in May 2007. [allmusic.com]

Rope Tied To The Trigger (2004)
audio: 192 kbps

1. To Watch You Burn
2. Abandonment
3. As We Choke
4. Suffocating Words
5. Will Hell Arise
6. Reflections
7. From My Existence
8. Break the Fall
9. Face of Fear, The
10. In Dying Days
11. Design Your Fate


The Horror Of Realization (2005)
audio: 320 kbps

1. The Constant Horror Of Reality
2. The False Love In Lust
3. Murderers And Madmen
4. Ssnova
5. The Hidden Grudge
6. The Marks Of Time
7. The Unknown
8. 4Smith
9. This Autumn's Bleeding
10. The Struggle
11. Onthe15



The Failure In Drowning (2006)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Lost in the Moment
2. The Failure of Drowning
3. Broken Silence
4. The Unwinding
5. The Silence of Sorrow
6. The Wandering
7. Nashville
8. Relive the Curse
9. Face Plastered in Black
10. The Untold Truth
11. Your Hand This Vice