from: California, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Hardcore / Punk

Comadre is a band from Redwood City, a suburb of San Francisco, California, comprised of former members of Heartcrosslove, One's Own Ruin, and Light This City. Their sound is a shoot-off of hardcore and punk, played fast and chaotic with an abundance of energy, but with a large focus on melody and tunefulness as well. Their influences can perhaps best be shown by the covers the band has performed live, by groups such as Rites of Spring, Refused, Kid Dynamite, and Suicide File.

After playing a handful of shows and releasing a three-song demo under the moniker Coffin, the band changed their name to Comadre in the fall of 2004. The word "comadre," in addition to being loosely translated as "godmother," also is a slang-term for anyone not related by blood to be a part of another's family.

Since their formation, the band has released two LPs and one EP on their own Bloodtown Recordings, Dood Records, Cosmic Note Records in Japan, and ADAGIO830 Records in Europe, and has extensively toured the United States of America and Japan, in America most commonly with Los Angeles-based cinema-grind band Graf Orlock, and in Japan with hardcore band Endzweck.

The Youth
[2005, Bloodtown CD ~ 2006, Dood LP]

1. The Trees Are Moving...
2. City Slickers Part VI
3. Mess With the Best, Undress Like the Rest
4. Well Damn if We All Ate the Berries We May As Well Die Together
5. Slangin' Rocks in the House of God
6. Remind Me Never to Stick My Hand Out the Window Again
7. I Think We're Alone Now (originally by the Tiffanys)
8. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes
9. Welcome to Bloodtown Population Buried
10. The Trials
11. I Sleep With My Eyes Open
12. ...and Everything is Falling Toge


More Songs About the Man
[2005, Coldbringer 7" ~ 2005, Bloodtown CD]

1. Burn The Scene!
2. Fill The Void!
3. Who's Got The Golden Ticket Now!
4. The Hole In The Ship, S.O.S.!
5. Pause (Kid Dynamite Cover)
6. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison Cover)
7. The Trials! (Live @ KZSU)
8. There Is No Title, Only Zuul! (Title Remix By Mr. Lev Perrey)
9. Mess With The Best, Undress Like The Rest!
10. Instrumental!
11. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes!
12. Welcome To Bloodtown, Population Buried!


Burn Your Bones
[2006 Cosmic Note CD~2006 Bloodtown CD/LP~2006 ADAGIO830 LP]

1. Make Me Believe
2. Breakfast of Champions
3. El Padro Macho
4. The Southern Comfort Smile
5. Sabado Gigante
6. Blackland Dirt
7. Hey, Holmes, Slow Down...
8. ...Naw, You Catch Up
9. The Hole in the Ship SOS
10. Give Me Hell
11. Hit Me Up On My Celly-Cell


Trainwreck & Comadre - Split
[2007, Bloodtown CD]

1. Camel Bucks
2. The Best Snakes Bite Back
3. Teeth Verses Teeth
4. 60 Grit
5. Crimes And Cadillacs

6. Bared Teeth
7. Home Sweet Home
8. Living Like The Living Dead
9. On Our Losses And Our Tears


Form of Rocket - Se Puede Despedir A Todos (2001)

from: Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.
genre: Math-Rock / Post-Hardcore
audio: 192-320 kbps

1. You Know What It Is
2. Loving Her Was Easy
3. Parallel Annoyance
4. My Name Is a Killing Word
5. Danger Snake
6. Bathed in Electricity
7. Guardians of the Ass Fortress
8. Shut the Fuck Up Rodeo
9. 8a9ti5m


Us, Haunted Bodies - Self Titled (One-Sided 7'')

from: California U.S.
genre: Screamo / Hardcore
audio: 256-320 kbps

1. We and that what we've become
2. Untitled
3. The unreported resistance
4. Austere asceticism


Kehlvin - The Mountain Daylight Time (2006)

from: Switzerland
genre: Sludge / Post Metal / Post Hardcore
audio: 1920 kbps

1. Albatross
2. John Lemon
3. How To Lie With Maps
4. Band Over
5. Frankenstein Bis
6. Fat Freddy
7. Moksa
8. The Mountain Daylight Time
9. Red Diesel Revolver
10. 1 Cabeza - 2 Brazos


Dominic - Self Titled LP(2007)

from: Norway
genre: Indie / Screamo
audio: 128-320 kbps

1. Time to change
2. Stamina
3. An empty barrel full of shame
4. Action is eloquence
5. For each his own
6. Eye for an eye
7. Solo shotgun senerade
8. What comes next
9. The beginning of the end
10. The march


(In Theory) - The Final Project (2006)

from: Texas, U.S.
genre: Emocore / Metal / Screamo
audio: 192 kbps

(In Theory) was the former band of Zack Ordway (Guitare), John Erickson (Bass) and Kenny Schick (Drums) from Sky Eats Airplane.

1. IT Jockin All Youz BOP
2. Shart Attack
3. Shlutzzz
4. Blending Realistic With Fantastic
5. Saved By The 90210
6. There Was Magic Everywhere--And Mel Gibson
7. Goshdarn Hootenanny
8. The Bonnie Situation
9. Nerd Alert


Candiria - Kiss the Lie (2008)

from: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Mathcore / Jazz / Experimental
audio: 192 kbps

1. Icarus Syndrome - 6:42
2. Sirens - 4:15
3. Reflection 11 - 6:25
4. The Sleeper - 5:52
5. Legion - 5:59
6. Alicia - 1:33
7. A Rose Dies in Eden - 4:08
8. Genuine - 5:45
9. Splinter - 4:57
10. Ascend - 3:36
11. Colby - 2:23
12. That Which Consumes - 6:31


Your Memorial - Seasons (2008)

from: Twin Cities, Minnesota U.S.
genre: Metal / Hardcore / Progressive
audio: 320 kbps

1. Spring
2. Learn Your Lies
3. Return To Reality
4. Summer
5. Turn It Around
6. Vanquished
7. Autumn
8. Empyrean
9. Seasons
10. Winter
11. Cease: The Eliminator



Supermachiner - Rise Of The Great Machine (2005)

from: Boston, Massachusetts U.S.
genre: Experimental / Post-Rock / Ambient
audio: 256 kbps

Supermachiner was intended as a side project of the Boston hardcore band Converge, which includes singer/songwriter Jacob Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou. Unlike the heavier music of Converge, much of Supermachiner is ambient.

1. Rise Of The Great Machine
2. Flight Of Vultures
3. I Am Legend
4. Declaration One
5. Above You
6. The War We'll Never Win
7. Vicious Circles
8. By The Roadside
9. I Am Oblivion
10. Treading In The Wake Of It All
11. Below You
12. Bitter Cold
13. A New Day A New Loss
14. Fireflies Light The Way
15. Remember My Name
16. A New Precipice Before Us
17. Declaration Two
18. Reign Of The Great Machine
19. Last

part1 ~ part2

Loom - Angler EP(2007)

Hear this band, now!!!
from: Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.
genre: Post-Punk / Math-Rock / Post-Hardcore
audio: 192 kbps

A Salt Lake City, Utah based post-hardcore quintet who are known for their powerful live performance and slowly building a name for themselves with their debut EP, Angler. The band cites a long list of influences including The Casket Lottery, Bear Vs. Shark, At The Drive-In, and Minus The Bear to name a few.

How Is It?:
Angler is a very refreshing and interesting debut release and the experimentation shown throughout the album shows the band had little fear upon entering the studio. As soon as the track “Castles” begins, you realize one of the key components of the band that sets them apart from their peers: a violinist. I am not talking just accents here and there either, the violin is an integral component of the bands sound and sticks out even amongst the frenzied drumming and dizzying, angular guitar work. Before I actually listened to this record and first discovered there was a violinist, I was a bit skeptical, but it just adds more depth to the album. There is never a dull moment on Angler, as Loom is constantly bombarding the listener with their intricate guitar work, explosive percussion and emotion laden screaming and shouting. Loom occasionally will slow the pace a little allowing the listener a short respite before launching right back into their adrenaline-fueled frenzy. Angler is a great starting point for these Salt Lake City natives, and while there are a few parts that could use fine-tuning, my only chief complaint is that this release was not longer. The band is currently working on a full-length and after the talents I observed on this record, I am eagerly anticipating the results of whatever they release next. (AbsolutePunk.net)

1. Castles
2. Hourglass
3. Sculpt
4. Tracers
5. Yell


Form Of Rocket - Men (2006)

from: Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.
genre: Math-Rock / Post-Hardcore
audio: 160 kbps

1. This Is Occupation
2. Go Get Yo Buck
3. Teapot Dome, Bitch
4. Keep Smilin' Ed Smart
5. Dar Un Luz
6. You'd Look Cute In The Trunk Of My Car
7. Gearth
8. The Greatest Day
9. Dogfucker
10. Peter Makowski Had An Anurysm


Cave In - Moons of Jupiter EP (2001)

from: Boston, Massachusetts U.S.
genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Rock / Progressive / Mathcore
audio: 160 kbps

This is what "Cave In" have to said about their EP:
«Wanting to do something special for our 2000-2001 US tour, we assembled this crazy looking CD (one of our favorites from Aaron Turner). Part of the Magic Bullet fan CD series, this EP includes an awesome remix of "Jupiter" done by Brian McTernan at Salad Days in Washington DC (we admit, THIS is how the entire album should sound), and we hope to someday have the entire "Jupiter" album remixed and remastered this good. The piano versions were done by Stephen on 4-track. The piano was recorded at Brookline High School, where Stephen had a painting job over the summer and took time on a lunch break one day to record these songs.»

1. Jupiter (remix)
2. Big Riff (piano version)
3. Innuendo and Out the Other (piano version)
4. New Moon (piano version)


Darlings' Cabinet of Sundry Horror - Self Titled EP (2008)

from: New Jersey, U.S.
genre: Gothic / Punk / Gospel
*All the credits goes to Blair Todd for this post

darlings' cabinet of sundry horror is sort of a church.
with darlings' you are there for a funeral, a wedding, or a private disclosure to the most high. the pastoral refrains are soap box, and sardonic. there is a spirit to convalesce, but not to abandon the troubling gnostic notions that make for their horror. Their singer croons like Cave (the bad seeds) and Gano (the violent femmes) contending with both god and the devil in their same manner.

For fans of :
The Birthday Party,
Violent Femmes,
Marilyn Manson,
Nick Cave,
Tom Waits

1. devils! prophets! blind men! ghosts!
2. the knives are out tonight
3. i am the blackest of plagues
4. out of love
5. swimmingly...
6. cough syrup


Bellafea - Cavalcade (2008)

from: North Carolina, U.S.
genre: Indie / Noise Rock / Post-Punk
audio: 192 kbps

Bellafea call Chapel Hill, North Carolina – a small college town famed mostly for its booming, influential 90s indie rock scene – home. The rich, independent music history and their subsequent Southern upbringing play obvious roles in structuring their individuality. Bellafea teems with the punk spirit of local townies Superchunk, while the trialing dissonance of Polvo shine through in their string parts. There is an earnest aggression in their music, perhaps channeled from their struggles with the vastly conservative Southeastern United States – the patriarchal, Bible-belt countryside where they grew up. There is resistance, and there is also a secular nod to their heritage and its inevitable and inspiring impact on their songwriting.

Cavalcade could be Bellafea’s “call to arms”. Recorded over two years during multiple sessions with Chapel Hill engineers Brian Paulson and Nick Petersen, focused on the ideas of plurality and layers, friends and enemies, dedication and rejection, decoding the feeling of fight. Bellafea’s urgency and battle cry is apparent; well-known for their captivating sold-out hometown performances, they have gained the loyalty of local musicians/friends John Darnielle (Mountain Goats), Dave Laney (Milemarker), Ben Davis (Sleepytime Trio, Bats & Mice), Daniel Hart (Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent, John Vanderslice), Eric Moe (Zegota) who all – along with a choir of friends – lend a hand on their debut full-length.


1. Depart (I Never Knew You) ft John Darnielle
2. Bones To Pick
3. Thorn Bird II
4. Walking Distance
5. Telling the Hour
6. Run Rabbit Run
7. Geography
8. Arctic
9. Stranger


Some Pedestrians - These Were Our Dreams (2007)

from: Belgium
genre: Hardcore / Mathcore / Experimental
audio: 320 kbps

1. Psalm XXIII
2. Reveries Of A Newborn Loss
3. Killing For Fame - Dying For Greed
4. Airborne
5. Falling Into The Arms Of An Angel
6. Why Swim If You Can't Drown
7. Void
8. Synopsis
9. Mass Media Murder
10. Lies Hurt...Shotguns Hurt Even More


Maybeshewill / Her Name Is Calla - Split 12'' (2008)

from: Leicestershire, Midlands U.K.
genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock / Electro
Her Name Is Calla
from: Leicester / Leeds / York U.K.
genre: Progressive / Post-Rock

Side A: Maybeshewill
1. This Time Last Year (3:59)
2. Last Time This Year (7:11)

Side B: Her Name Is Calla
1. Condor And River (16:51)


The Fall Of Troy - Phantom On The Horizon (2008)

from: Mukilteo, Washington U.S.
genre: Progressive / Experimental / Post Hardcore
audio: 256 kbps

1. Chapter I: Introverting Dimensions
2. Chapter II: A Strange Conversation
3. Chapter III: Nostalgic Mannerisms
4. Chapter IV: Enter The Black Demon
5. Chapter V: The Walls Bled Lust




from: Greensboro, North Carolina U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Punk / Experimental

Zegota is an anarchist hardcore punk band originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, formed around 1996-1997. The name alludes to Żegota (the polish word for ‘unity’), or The Council to Aid the Jews, a Catholic group from Poland, which saved the lives of many European Jews during the Holocaust. Their albums have been released on a diverse list of labels, such as CrimethInc, Stonehenge and Amor y Lucha. They have 4 releases available:

Movement in the Music LP/CD (1999)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Bike Song
2. Lesser Of Man
3. $59.95
4. Laika
5. A Matter Of Paths To Choose
6. Open Disobedience, Bold Resistance


Namaste CD (2001)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Mount the Skies
2. (Just Give Me) One Moment of Passionate Existence
3. La Ceran Baci
4. Thrones For the Worthy, Graves For the Rest
5. A Medley of Previously Released Songs
6. Nilifen
7. Ohio
8. A March to the Dead Sea


Reclaim! LP/CD (2004)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Bend & Brace For The Unexpected/ An Unknown Past To An Unknown Future
2. The Bad Days Will End (May We All Make It Through...)
3. Never Trust A Cop
4. Rue D' Bamako
5. Struck By The Wild
6. They Won't Fuck With Us Much Longer!
7. Kosi Idina (So That Obstacles Are No More)
8. Sleepwalkers


Żegota - Self-Titled 7" (2005)
audio: 224 kbps

1. Sinnerman (Traditional)
2. The Anarchist Cheerleader Song



The Red Scare

from: Knoxville, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Hardcore

The Red Scare is a screamo band in the same vein as Hassan I Sabbah, Jeromes Dream, Usurp Synapse etc. They are most well known for a Split 7” with one of Screamo’s must popular bands, Orchid.

Orchid / The Red Scare - Split 7'' (2000)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Lucky 13
2. Intelligable Audio
3. She Has A Cold, Cold Heart

The Red Scare
4. Sequenced For Explosion


The Red Scare - Capillary Lockdown (2000)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Automate Insection
2. Device for Annihalation
3. Jetset
4. 12 Years Past
5. Post Meridian
6. Crushing Blows
7. Inertia/Distance to Empty (Instrumental)


The Red Scare - Strangers Die Every Day (2001)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Risking Your Life With a Capital R
2. Smoky Mountain High
3. Strangers Die Everyday
4. Cranial Masses
5. Kodaliths
6. Asphyxial Eclipse
7. Iron Curtain
8. Five Months in Poland