In Confidence - The Unveiling (2008)

from: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania U.S.
genre: Metal / Experimental / Hardcore
audio: 192 kbps

1. To A Special Person
2. The Saddest Ending To Any Story Ever
3. I Go Everywhere With Babybear
4. Affects En Masse: Bobblehead Penguins
5. The Happy Days Of The 21st Century
6. The SMJ Party For One Now Seating
7. Affects En Masse: The Unveiling
8. A Day In The Life Of New York City's Proudest Bum
9. The Weakenst Link
10. False Advertisement At Its Finest
11. Affects En Masse: The Greatest Living Thive I've Ever Seen
12. The Prelude To Purifying The World
13. Affects En Masse: Together We Will Live Forever
14. The Pagan Burial

part1 / part2

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