Index For Potential Suicide - Sex, Violence, Whatever (Discography 2005)

from: Charleston, South Carolina U.S.
genre: Screamo / Power Violence
audio: 192 kbps

1. The Newest Youth Rebellion
2. Flavor Of The Month
3. Remote Controls And Mousepads
4. Eat Lighting, Crap Thunder
5. Global Injustice
6. Rock Out With Your Cock Out
7. Arriving At Suicide
8. Escape Unsuccessful
9. Death Toll Confirmed
10. Electronics, Sabotage, And Surveillance
11. Escape From Uncle Bill's Lap
12. The Nine Envelopes' Contents
13. How To Build A Silencer For A Semiautomatic Weapon
14. Monoroid Manipulation
15. Silencer, Completed
16. 212, Fuck You
17. What's Up, Pepper 'Stache?
18. Number 4
19. A Bag Of Mustard And Water
20. No Practice?
21. Reverend Frank Whiteside Vs. The Deep Blue Supercomputer
22. Somebody Loves You
23. 22 Disciples Of Hell
24. Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo's Cookbook
25. Four Fingers, To Hell With The Thumb
26. 81 Days Without Employee Accident
27. Twenty Pound Sledge
28. Filipino Cancer Eaters
29. This Weeks Boycott
30. Total Versus Partial Bed Rest
31. Dancefloor Justice
32. The Dangers Of Rope
33. Filipino Cancer Eaters (Original Version)
34. You'd Kiill Us Too
35. This Week's Boycott (Floorpunch Version)
36. One Day Marriage License
37. Beer And Woman
38. To Cause The Destruction Of An Enemy
39. 26 Year Old Patient, IQ 45


July 1998-January 2000
Index for Potential Suicide was formed in the summer of 1998 in Charleston, SC by Christopher Ashley of the noise/hardcore band Murder Weapon and Brian Cooper, Robert Findlater and Frank Whiteside of Intentional Resentment. The four’s love for noise and experimental music was the foundation for the band’s early material. As an experimental band with drum machines, samplers, synths, trumpet, etc. the band played shows and cleared rooms with Hail Mary, Milemarker, etc. and recorded a demo called “This Week’s Boycott.” The band then shifted to a more traditional “rock” line-up added Shawn Williams of Prevail on bass and recorded the “s/t” 7” after 3 practices, with Williams learning most of the basslines the morning of the record session. Two 7”s, a full length CD, LP, a compilation appearance, 2 tours, a cancelled tour and a broken down van saw the end of Index for Potential Suicide.

Members went on to form or play in Red Herring, The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul, The Disease and countless others.

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