The Dillinger Escape Plan - Under The Running Board [Reissue+Bonus](2008)

from: New Jersey, U.S.
genre: Mathcore
audio: 320 kbps

Almost 10 years to the day of its original release, "Under the Running Board" will be released by Relapse Records. The reissue will contain the original 3 tracks plus 10 bonus tracks.

Tracks 4-12 were recorded in October 2000 on their tour with the Misfits.
"Under the Running Board" featured the contributions of singer Dimitri Minakakis who left the group afer the release of 1999's "Calculating Infinity".

1. The Mullet Burden
2. Sandbox Magician
3. Abe The Cop
4. Sandbox Magician (live)
5. Jim Fear (live)
6. Destro's Secret (live)
7. Clip The Apex...Accept Instruction (live)
8. 43% Burnt (live)
9. The Mullet Burden (live)
10. Sugar Coated Sour (live)
11. The Running Board (live)
12. Abe The Cop (live)
13. Paranoid (BLACK SABBATH cover)


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Anonymous said...

damn, those live tracks own so hard. n1