Fear Before - Self Titled (2008)


«In the January 2008 issue of Alternative Press, the band was featured as having one of the most anticipated albums of the year. The album was recorded in Seattle, WA at Johnny Cab Studios with producer Casey Bates (Portugal The Man, Chiodos) during June and July 2008 and is set to be released October 28, 2008. The album features guest vocals by a number of people including most notably Thomas Erak from The Fall Of Troy as well as members from Shelter Red, Vaux, and I Am The Ocean. They are currently on a U.S. headlining tour with Damiera and I Am the Ocean as support. At recent shows, the band has played new songs titled "I'm Fine Today", "Jabberwocky", "Treeman", "Get Your Life Together", and "Review Our Lives (Epic)" which is an extended version of "Epic Song". Fear Before also announced on September 9th, 2008 that they would be dropping "The March of Flames" from their name, and will from now on be known as simply "Fear Before". As part of the name change, they have a new website, www.fearbefore.net. Their old website www.marchofflames.com is no longer active and redirects to the new one.»

from: Colorado, U.S.
genre: Experimental / Rock / Post-Hardcore
audio: 128 kbps

1. Treeman
2. I'm Fine Today
3. Fear Before Doesn't Listen To People Who Don't Like Them
4. Get Your Life Together
5. Jabberwocky
6. Everything's Not Shitty
7. Tycho
8. Bad Days
9. Stay Weird
10. Review Our Lives (Epic)
"Review Our Lives (Epic)" was previously released as a live session on the A Little Less Teeth EP.

Credits: XHardXCoreX

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128kbps? Seriously that low of quality . .