The Flying Worker! - A Collection (2004)

from: France
genre: Screamo
audio: 192 kbps

The Flying Worker! were a “screamo” band from France who are often compared to Orchid and Reversal of Man. They released a number of 7”s and splits before disbanding. Some members played in Baron Noir. These records were collected and released on CD by the Electric Human Project record label.

1. Dawn Of Dead
2. La Stratégie Du Funambule
3. The Working Class Goes To Heaven
4. Appel À Une Mort Constante
5. Le Gout Du Vrai
6. Dawn Of Dead (demo)
7. Epilogue De La Chair Survivante
8. Routine Vs. Efficience
9. La Mort Surprise Par La Jeunesse De La Modernité
10. Truth


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