Inside The Beehive - Anaphylaxis EP

«Band Request»
from: Northern, New JerseyU.S.
genre: Grindcore / Metal / Experimental

An experimental grindcore band from northern New Jersey. Inside The Beehive, currently consisting of six members, gets a lot of influence from major bands such as The Number Twelve Looks Like You and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Inside The Beehive’s first EP was self released under the title “Anaphylaxis” and contains five songs. Currently the band is doing shows and writing more material for a next release. Also check out their myspace for more information.

1. Love Is A Jellyfish And I Treat My Stings With Urine (free download)
2. The Delusion Of Illusion ( free download)
3. Gummy Frogs (free download)
4. Crogan Brogan (free download)
5. What Little Girls Are Made Of (free download)


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