These Arms Are Snakes & Harkonen - Like A Virgin (Split EP 2005)

Image:Taas harkonen.jpg
from: Seattle, Washington U.S.
genre: Progressive / Post-Hardcore / Experimental / Math Rock

from: Tacoma, Washington U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Grunge / Rock

Like A Virgin is a split EP recorded in December 2003 and released in 2005 by These Arms Are Snakes and Harkonen who contains two tracks by each band and a collaboration song between the two bands.

1. These Arms Are Snakes - Payday Loans
2. Harkonen - Standing on Holey Soles
3. These Arms Are Snakes - Hook on This
4. Harkonen - Neverlanders
5. Harkonen & These Arms Are Snakes - Touched for the Very First Time


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