Black Elk

from: Portland, Oregon, U.S.
genre: Sludge / Experimental / Noise Rock / Hardcore

Black Elk, the band, perform an eclectic blend of metal, hardcore, sludge, alternative, art, and noise rock. Hailing from Portland, OR, the group is comprised of vocalist Tom Glose, guitarist Erik Trammell, bassist Don Capuano, and drummer Matt Latorre.

Black Elk - Self Titled (2006)
audio: 192-320 kbps

1. Toggle
2. My Lil'
3. Toss You To The Wolves
4. Eyebone
5. Elk Takes Night
6. When I'm A Ghost
7. <*>
8. Baby Liver
9. Cuddles
10. Who Knew?


Black Elk - Always A Six, Never A Nine (2008)
audio: 256 kbps

1. My Last Shred of Decency
2. Hospital
3. Pig Crazy
4. The Brazen Bull III
5. Stab
6. She Pulled Machete
7. Brine
8. The Brazen Bull II
9. Hold My Head
10. Winter Formal



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seasick said...

Thank you very much for upload...i thing so, that their music is absolutely great.I am realy glad, that there are bands which are still keeping the amprep legacy...