from: California, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Hardcore / Punk

Comadre is a band from Redwood City, a suburb of San Francisco, California, comprised of former members of Heartcrosslove, One's Own Ruin, and Light This City. Their sound is a shoot-off of hardcore and punk, played fast and chaotic with an abundance of energy, but with a large focus on melody and tunefulness as well. Their influences can perhaps best be shown by the covers the band has performed live, by groups such as Rites of Spring, Refused, Kid Dynamite, and Suicide File.

After playing a handful of shows and releasing a three-song demo under the moniker Coffin, the band changed their name to Comadre in the fall of 2004. The word "comadre," in addition to being loosely translated as "godmother," also is a slang-term for anyone not related by blood to be a part of another's family.

Since their formation, the band has released two LPs and one EP on their own Bloodtown Recordings, Dood Records, Cosmic Note Records in Japan, and ADAGIO830 Records in Europe, and has extensively toured the United States of America and Japan, in America most commonly with Los Angeles-based cinema-grind band Graf Orlock, and in Japan with hardcore band Endzweck.

The Youth
[2005, Bloodtown CD ~ 2006, Dood LP]

1. The Trees Are Moving...
2. City Slickers Part VI
3. Mess With the Best, Undress Like the Rest
4. Well Damn if We All Ate the Berries We May As Well Die Together
5. Slangin' Rocks in the House of God
6. Remind Me Never to Stick My Hand Out the Window Again
7. I Think We're Alone Now (originally by the Tiffanys)
8. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes
9. Welcome to Bloodtown Population Buried
10. The Trials
11. I Sleep With My Eyes Open
12. ...and Everything is Falling Toge


More Songs About the Man
[2005, Coldbringer 7" ~ 2005, Bloodtown CD]

1. Burn The Scene!
2. Fill The Void!
3. Who's Got The Golden Ticket Now!
4. The Hole In The Ship, S.O.S.!
5. Pause (Kid Dynamite Cover)
6. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison Cover)
7. The Trials! (Live @ KZSU)
8. There Is No Title, Only Zuul! (Title Remix By Mr. Lev Perrey)
9. Mess With The Best, Undress Like The Rest!
10. Instrumental!
11. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes!
12. Welcome To Bloodtown, Population Buried!


Burn Your Bones
[2006 Cosmic Note CD~2006 Bloodtown CD/LP~2006 ADAGIO830 LP]

1. Make Me Believe
2. Breakfast of Champions
3. El Padro Macho
4. The Southern Comfort Smile
5. Sabado Gigante
6. Blackland Dirt
7. Hey, Holmes, Slow Down...
8. ...Naw, You Catch Up
9. The Hole in the Ship SOS
10. Give Me Hell
11. Hit Me Up On My Celly-Cell


Trainwreck & Comadre - Split
[2007, Bloodtown CD]

1. Camel Bucks
2. The Best Snakes Bite Back
3. Teeth Verses Teeth
4. 60 Grit
5. Crimes And Cadillacs

6. Bared Teeth
7. Home Sweet Home
8. Living Like The Living Dead
9. On Our Losses And Our Tears


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