Iron Thrones - Visions of Light (2008)

from: Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.
genre: Metal / Progressive / Metalcore
audio: 320 kbps

1. Swell to the Surface
2. The Dark Design
3. Heart of the Light
4. Still Waters
5. The Final Farewell
6. Illumination
7. Wading...
8. Cover of Smoke
9. Shadows Revealed


Will officially be release for free within the next couple of weeks from their website, and they encourage people to wait until then to download it as it will most likely have artwork and other fun stuff attached to it.

If they play near you, go see them and encourage them, they are awesome!!

28 nov. The Fallout w/ Your Memorial - Minneapolis, Minnesota
5 déc. The What’s Up Lounge w/ Write This Down - Mankato, Minnesota
6 déc. First United w/ Anno Domine - Marshalltown, Iowa
7 déc. TBA - Anytown, Iowa
8 déc. TBA - Burlington, Iowa
9 déc. TBA - Chicago/Peoria, Illinois
10 déc. TBA - Dekalb, Illinois
11 déc. The Borg Ward w/ Savior For A Fallen Hero & Empire - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
12 déc. The Afterdark w/ Sleep Serapis Sleep - Stevens Point, Wisconsin
13 déc. TBA - La Crosse/Mankato - (MN), Wisconsin
18 déc. The Uptown Bar w/ Battlefields - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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