Miss May I

from: Troy, Ohio, U.S.
genre: Metalcore / Thrash

The metal/thrash/hardcore band, Miss May I, hail from Troy, Ohio, featuring Levi Benton (vocals), Jerod Boyd (drums), BJ Stead (guitar), Justin Aufdenkampe (guitar), and Ryan Neff (bass). The band has been around since 2006, playing local shows and steadily gathering a loyal fan base. You can catch them playing shows mostly in Ohio.

Vows for a Massacre EP (2007)

1. Lullaby for a Beast
2. Destroy Thy, Destroy He
3. A Dance With Aera Cura
4. Unfortunate Engagement
5. Chambered Winds


Miss May I - Demo 2008

1. Architect
2. Arms of the Messiah
3. No Need To Whip A Dead Horse
4. Swing
5. Tides



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