Back When

from: Nebraska, U.S.
genre: Sludge / Post-Metal / Hardcore

BACK WHEN is a post metal band from Omaha,Nebraska whose members are;Aaron Broveak (drums),Chris Kelley (bass),Jonathan Tvrdik (guitars,vocals) and J. Michael Mickeliunas / (guitars,vocals).

Featuring a former member of prolific Midwest hardcore/sludge band EXAM and sharing members of Omaha hardcore bands such as ROBOTS DON'T CRY, CAUGHT IN THE FALL and EYES OF VEROTIKA,it is no surprise that BACK WHEN'S first two releases fall farther towards the hardcore side of the fence.Their debut EP "Celebration of Alceste", released on Imagine It Records in 2003, featured fast crushing riffs at breakneck speeds.In 2005 they released the "Swords Against the Father" 7" on Init Records,which straddled the line between hardcore and sludge with its churning SABBATH-esque riffs.

Also in 2005 BACK WHEN released their first full-length album "We Sang As Ghosts",which contains epic songs that jump all genres to create glorious electronic soundscapes where mammoth riffs, pounding drums and quiet interludes intertwine with ease.

BACK WHEN draws inspiration from a wide array of influences such as 90 DAY MEN, GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR,ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA,RUSH and HUM and is sure to please fans of bands like NEUROSIS,ISIS and RADIOHEAD.Highly recommended.

Back When - Celebration Of Alceste EP (2003)

1. Aphorism on the Existence of Fire
2. I Could See Terminator 2 Really Happening
3. Mandatory Exodus to Hell
4. Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
5. We Either Escape or Die
6. Stabhead The Prey of a Fantasy



Back When - Swords Against the Father 7'' EP (2005)

Side 1
1. Exodus.Phobos.Exodus.Deimos
2. Examining The Lives Of The After

Side 2
3. A Hero's Welcome
4. Sons Against The Father


Back When - We Sang As Ghosts (2005)

1. We Giveth And We Taketh
2. Soothsayer (A Fistful Of God)
3. Pelle Versando
4. Essays In Thew Moonlight III - Permanent Low
5. Ghosts
6. The Lowland Leave - Taking
7. Beloved


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