The Gay Blades

from: New York, U.S.
genre: Indie / Rock

«For only two dudes, Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills output a HUGE product. With transitions, textures and elements to spare, these are not simple rock songs, even though they do simply rock. A song on Ghosts can hang a left turn at any moment, and none of these jumps are unfortunate. As spazzy as the album is on a whole, I am never lost in the mix. I think this has to do with guitarist/vocalist Westfield. He gives off an eager and emotional energy that matches the mood of the moment....There is an underlying (and sometimes obvious) absurdity/quirkiness on Ghosts that is part ridiculous and part brilliance.» [Absolute Punk]

The Gay Blades - 7 Inch Horse Head
audio: 192 kbps

1. Mean Muses
2. Shake The Graves

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The Gay Blades - Ghosts (2008)
audio: 224 kbps

1. O'Shot
2. Bob Dylan's 115th Nightmare
3. Hey She Say
4. Dog Day Afternoon
5. Prologue for the Pure of Heart
6. N.H.D.N.
7. We Wear Mittens
8. You're A Garbage Barge, I m A Dream Boat
9. Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up
10. Why Can t I Grow A Beard?
11. Compliments Can Kill
12. Cellphone Song


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