The Great Sabatini

from: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
genre: Sludge / Math / Experimental / Stoner / Metal
*Highly Recomended*

~A Brief History of The Great Sabatini~
The Great Sabatini was formed in a blood ritual in the last days of November, 2006.
Each member had played previously in various underground metal and experimental acts in and around Quebec and Ontario. They met while attending a weekly support group for people with mood disorders, in particular, the rare condition of Cyclothymia. These strange commonalities created a strong personal bond among members, and was the
impetus for each one changing their respective surname to Sabatini. 2007 began with studio sessions for their debut ep "Burning Wilderness". The tracks were recorded locally (in Montreal) and then sent off to Nashville where they were polished up by friend and Rock mentor Steve Austin of Today Is The Day. Shows began locally and in the Ontario region, in preparation for their maiden voyage on the road in March 2008, heading west from Montreal to British Colombia to spread the Unholy Gospel of Rock with ripped vocal chords, broken drum sticks, tube driven amplifiers, empty bellies, a foul smelling van and an unrelenting fury. Pre production demos for 11 songs were put down live to 8 track, some of witch were used as a cdr demo entitled "Dial Tone ep" to be given away at shows with the "Burning Wilderness" ep. The band is currently using stolen prescription drugs and a ouija board to help them decide when and where/with whom to record their first full-length album. [Extensive Enterprise]

Sabatini Family Members:

Will Sabatini-Drums, Electronics
Rob Sabatini-Guitars, Vocals
Sean Sabatini-Guitars, Vocals
Joey Sabatini-Bass, Vocals

For a limited time, if you order "Burning Wilderness",the subjugated will also receive a second recording, a 6 track disc containing songs from the future, a bonus EP entitled "Dial Tone". [order here]

Burning Wilderness EP (2007)
audio: 256 kbps

1. Marc Andre Lafrance Must Die
2. Transgressions on a Dancefloor
3. The Widow's Son
4. Polynesian Fertility Chant
5. Scene One: Ombe Enters Vixen's Private Moments Only to Dissolve, Immersed in Obscured Solitude...


Dial Tone EP (2008)
audio: 256 kbps

1. Black Box
2. Birth of the Cruel
3. Fingernails
4. Burning Wilderness
5. Machine Dream
6. Long Division


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