from: Florida U.S.
genre: Emocore / Screamo / Hardcore

KEEPSAKE came humming onto the Florida scene in late 1997, bringing on an inventive emo/rock sound, somewhere around The Get up Kids meets Grade with a hint of Poison The Well. With tight, harmonious, dirge-like qualities that you can still sing along to, Keepsake appeals to a wide rock audience. Keepsake immediately became a local favorite in FL and proceeded on with an east coast tour. After a few changes to the band roster, they stabilized in time to record their debut full- length, ''The Things I Would Say,'' which was released on Eulogy in summer 98'. The band trudged through some membership turmoil eighteen months after the release of the first album and three tours. After the fiasco, Paul and Shane decided to revive the group and venture into the studio to record an MCD entitled, ''She Hums Like A Radio.'' The band then reformed under the present lineup and released the MCD. Keepsake released their latest full length ''The End Of Sound'' to much fanfare and delight.Keepsake broke up in 2003 after years spent on the road. Their final CD was titled "Black Dress in a B Movie" (Fearless).

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Keepsake - The Things I Would Say (1998)
audio: 128 kbps

1. Third Wish
2. Infinity Road
3. Twenty Percent
4. The Only Light We See
5. Paper Cuts And Broken Hearts
6. A Simple Deed
7. Wither
8. One Season Too Late
9. Forlorn
10. Final Moments


Keepsake - She Hums Like A Radio (MCD 2000)
audio: 256 kbps

1. She Hums Like a Radio
2. The Alcohol Diary
3. Sweet White Lies
4. One Season Too Late (Electrical)
5. The Art of Collapsing


Keepsake - The End Of Sound (2000)
audio: 192 kbps

1. The Beginning of the End of Sound
2. Girls Don't Know
3. The Negative Space
4. Math Is Wrong
5. She Hums Like a Radio
6. Lacquer Lipstick
7. Color by Number
8. Wither
9. We Shoul've Rode the Bumper Cars
10. Eight Months Till May
11. I Never Like the Way You Danced
12. Sleep
13. The End of Sound


Keepsake - Black Dress in a B Movie (2002)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Violent Love
2. Slander
3. Cartoon Life
4. Engaging War
5. A Raindance Narrative
6. Ticket To Russia
7. Space Bound
8. Letter To A Hostage
9. Black Dress In A B Movie
10. American Fights




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