Made Out of Babies

from: Brooklyn, New York U.S.
genre: Noise Rock / Post-Hardcore

Drawing equally from noise-rock legends like The Jesus Lizard and post-metal bands like Isis, the band developed a following quickly after the release of their debut album, Trophy. Their first 2 albums were released by Neurot Recordings, the home of many respected post-metal and post-rock bands like Isis, Neurosis, and Red Sparowes. They are currently signed to The End Records for the release of their newest album "The Ruiner".

Vocalist Julie Christmas also sings for Battle of Mice. Guitarist Brendan Tobin also plays for Red Sparowes. Bassist Eric Cooper also plays for Pigs. Drummer Matthew Egan also plays for Cleanteeth.

Made Out Of Babies - Trophy (2005)
audio: 224-320 kbps

1. Herculoid
2. Loosey Goosey
3. El Morgan
4. Ire Fire
5. Lullaby #1
6. Gut Shoveler
7. Sugar
8. Lullaby #2
9. Swarm
10. Pirate
11. Wounded Rhino
12. Out


Made Out Of Babies - Coward (2006)
audio: 224-256 kbps

1. Silverback
2. Proud to Drown
3. Fed
4. Mandatory Bedrest
5. Death in April
6. Out
7. Lullaby
8. Mr. Prison Shanks
9. Gunt


Made Out Of Babies - The Ruiner (2008)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Cooker
2. Grimace
3. Invisible Ink
4. The Major
5. Buffalo
6. Bunny Boots
7. Stranger
8. Peew
9. How to Get Bigger


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