Planks - Self Titled (2008)

from: Germany
genre: Hardcore / Black Metal / Stoner
audio: 320 kbps

PLANKS from the Mannheim erea deliever on their debut full-length nice dark and heavy apocalypstic hardcore which reminds of old classics like URANUS, HIS HERO IS GONE, COALESCE and modern bands like COLISEUM. There are tons of bands playing a similar style today, but PLANKS are one of the very few that matter. Agitated immensity in explosive velocity - volatile pieces of dark gloomy hardcore fused with metallic influences in an expansively loud combination of distortion and atmospheric noise. This is destructo hardcore with everything amplified into the red to fuel powerful lyrics.

1. Deluge
2. Forgiveness to Tyrants
3. Mollusk King
4. Fists of the Ocean
5. Totenschiff
6. The Curse of all Things Drowned
7. Narrows
8. The Harpooner's Divide


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