Red Museum

from: Seattle/ Los Angeles, California U.S.
genre: Indie / Rock / Progressive

Red Museum is a 3-piece band out of Richmond Beach, WA. Their highly energetic and sometimes eccentric music is incredibly addictive, especially for fans of The Fall of Troy, Tera Melos, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, The Hills Have Eyes, etc.

Ilia's guitar work is that of an otherworldly being, to say the least. Insane tapping, lightning quick legatos, crisp staccatos, amazing sweeping talent, etc etc. He must be heard to be believed. Along with The Fall of Troy (with whom Red Museum are good friends), this group is the next big thing to come from the Seattle area.

Red Museum - Self Titled EP (2007)
audio: 224-320 kbps

1. Through Holographic Gates
2. Exhibition A: A Past Life
3. Down Hypnotic Hallways
4. Exhibition B: A Distant Dream
5. Behind The Static Curtain
6. Exhibition C: A Premonition
7. Exit.


Red Museum - The Harley Quinn EP (2008)
audio: 160 kbps

1. Arnold Wesker, The Ventriloquist
2. Squentin Frownalot
3. Chronic Contradictions
4. Fall



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