Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes - Majestic Blue (2003)

from: South Dakota, U.S.
genre: Screamo / Post-Rock / Hardcore

Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes present their debut full length, a collection of songs, it's more inline with a musical composition; with traces of their roots in hardcore. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, the album feels organic and life like, songs seem to have personality. Vocals are few but each song seems to speak volumes. The album is as brutal as it is serene, with comparisons to bands like Denali, (a less heavy) Isis, Mogwai, and the Blackheart Procession. The songs are crafted with guitar, bass, piano/keys, flute, melodica, vocals and drums.

1. Procession Of The Dancing Dusk (Part I)
2. Star-lit Soliloquy
3. The Shedding Skin
4. Alcor And Mizar
5. Penumbra
6. Procession Of The Dancing Dusk (Part II)


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