from: Austin, Texas U.S.
genre: Mathcore / Metalcore / Grindcore

Thumbscrew has a pretty interesting mix of influences heard in their brand of noise/metal. There’s a good amount of Dillinger Escape Plan technicality, Converge’s raw, gristly sound, and plenty of methamphetamine to keep a man up for days. I hadn’t heard but a couple tracks from their previous release, All Is Quiet, so this really was my first real introduction to the band.

Thumbscrew - All Is Quiet (2005)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Fighting Wonders
2. The Stuff Movies Are Made Of
3. A Thought For You
4. Grumpy
5. Second Place Threat
6. 602
7. Is That You Duke Raul
8. On To Better Things
9. Enter The Drag Queen
10. Most Well Known Stranger


Thumbscrew - Within Hearts of Redemption EP (2006)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Did You Get Everything You Wanted
2. Maliscent
3. Be Prepared, Dig In
4. A.I.M. Plays A Big Role In Her Life
5. Title Song (A Little Black Heart)



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