Ex Models

from: Brooklyn, New York U.S.
genre: Experimental / Noise / Post-Punk

Ex Models were formed in 2000 in Brooklyn, New York by Shahin Motia, Shahyar Motia, Jake Fiedler and Mike Masiello. After releasing the Talking Heads-esque Other Mathematics in 2001, they took a brief break while members attended college. Adding a new bassist, Zach Lehrhoff of The Seconds (featuring Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), they released a split 7” with the Seconds and 2003’s Zoo Psychology, a genre-bending, ring-modulated album of Devo worship. In 2004 Shahyar and Jake left, leaving Shahin and Zach to move in a new direction, influenced by Einstürzende Neubauten. 2005’s Chrome Panthers EP is indicative of their new “fundustrial noise” sound, with loops and drum samples provided by members of Oneida, specifically Kid Millions who sometimes drums with them.

Ex Models - Other Mathematics (2001)
audio: 192 kbps

1. It's On Television
2. The Idea Of Peter North
3. Girlfriend Is Worse
4. Orbital And Nuclear
5. Rock & Roll Simulator
6. The Birth Of Disneyland
7. Other Mathematics
8. Love Japanese Style
9. Objects And Relations
10. He Can't Put It Into Words
11. The Fun System
12. Supersex
13. The Mechanic


Ex Models - Zoo Psychology (2003)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Fuck to the Music
2. Intro
3. Pink Noise
4. Sex Automata
5. Hott 4 Discourse
6. Zoo Love
7. Oye Como Shah
8. What Is a Price
9. Brand New Panties
10. The Mystery of Brine
11. Hey Boner
12. Kool Killer
13. Rip This Joint
14. The Password Is Pelican
15. Three Weeks


Ex Models - Chrome Panthers (2005)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Chrome Panthers
2. That's Funny I Don't Feel Like A Shithead
3. Mutiny
4. Buy American
5. Headlines
6. Chrome Hearts



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