The Harsh Words As The Sun - Raein / Lhasa / Daitro - Split 2004

genre: Screamo

*Lhasa: Japanese experimental screamo/hardcore (highly recommended)
«to describe the music itself... it's going to be difficult. Lhasa is all about the voice, even more so than usual screamo bands, and to the extent where it might be said that the instruments are completely secondary. It starts off sounding like ordinary post-rock, and then erupts slowly into deep, throaty vocals. At first, they sounded like ordinary metal screaming, but immediately one can hear so much texture, variation and shape as to escape comparison. Effectively, Lhasa uses the human voice as an instrument (an interesting inversion of the more common technique of using an instrument to mimic the human voice), conveying mood, energy and emotion almost solely through the medium of gruff screaming.»
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1. Part I (Raein)
2. Part II (Raein)
3. Mother earth father sky (Lhasa)
4. Fallen grace (Lhasa)
5. Bogged horizon (Lhasa)
6. Redrum jr (Daitro)
7. La rock=un bateau ivre (Daïtro)
8. Le bout de mes levres (Daïtro)


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RedrumSyndrum said...

i really like this raein band, you have any other cds of theirs?