Phoenix Bodies

from: Indiana, U.S.
genre: Chaotic Hardcore / Screamo / Grindcore

Colin - guitar
Thomas - drums
Carl - guitar
Derek - vocals
Adam - vocals

Esentially, Phoenix Bodies is just a band made up of 5 very different individuals with very different ideas of what this band means, it's purpose, and what it gives back to us personally.

Phoenix Bodies began in the late summer of 2001 as a side project of sorts for Colin with Thomas and Carl. Derek & Ben were added as vocalists in 2003. Adam replaced Ben in fall of 2003. The line up has since remained the same.

Init Records released the split CD with Enkephalin in July of 2003 and we did a tour together. In December of 2003 we recorded 6 new tracks with Mike Dixon (Rapider Than Horsepower) for splits with Shikari, Raein, and Tyranny of Shaw. We played a bunch of shows and then did a month long European tour that spanned 7 countries.

Enkephalin / Phoenix Bodies - Split
audio: 192 kbps

1. Full Access Bubblegum Machine
2. Biff Can Take A Beating
3. Calling To Confirm
4. The Technician
5. One Punch Machine Gun
6. Iceman Vs. The Tiger

Phoenix Bodies
7. Half Billion Ants A Force
8. Spin A Rendezvous
9. Lawn Of Decadence
10. Get It, Rabbit
11. Full Frontal Fragrance
12. Cock Ocean A Timeless Destination



Phoenix Bodies / Raein - Split 7''
audio: 192 kbps

1. Phoenix Bodies - Sense is Out of Style
2. Phoenix Bodies - The Future of Eating
3. Raein - Endless Tourlife


Phoenix Bodies - Raise The Bullshit Flag
audio: 320 kbps

1. Raise The Bullshit Flag
2. Resonance Of The Strom Thurmond Death Rattle
3. Hardon For A Hummer
4. You've Been Hamburgled
5. Striving For Autism
6. I Guarantee You're A Pile Of Shit
7. Test Of Faith At The Trinity Broadcasting Network
8. If Money Is Power...
9. Intelligent Designer Sunglasses
10. The War On Entropy


Phoenix Bodies - Too Much Information
audio: 224-320 kbps

1. Half-A-Billion Ants
2. Spin A Rendez-Vous
3. Lawn Of Decadence
4. Get It Rabbit
5. Full Frontal Fragrance
6. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination
7. Enlarge Your Penis
8. Toxic Shock Value Meal
9. Old Balls
10. Pardon My Emoticon
11. Sense Is Out Of Style
12. Future Of Eating
13. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
14. Fix Me
15. Striving For Autism
16. Hard-On For A Hummer
17. You've Been Hamburgled
18. Does Any Body Have A Boom Stand...?
19. Lawn Of Decadence (Live)
20. Sense Is Out Of Style (Live)
21. Spin A Rendez-Vous (Live)
22. Half-A-Billion Ants (Live)
23. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination (Live)
24. Striving For Autism (Live)
25. Old Balls (Live)
26. Future Of Eating (Live)
27. Enlarge Your Penis (Live)
28. Toxic Shock Value Meal (Live)
29. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens: V.I (Live)
30. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens: V.II (Live)
31. Demo 1
32. Demo 2
33. Demo 3
34. Demo 4
35. Demo 5
36. Demo 6
37. Demo 7


Phoenix Bodies / La Quiete - Split 7''
audio: 320 kbps

1. Phoenix Bodies - Get a Job
2. La Quiete - Animali di Fede e di Memoria


Phoenix Bodies - Cobra Commander 2008
audio: 320 kbps

1. Apathy is Chemistry
2. White People Do This…
3. Cobra Commander 2008
4. No Need for Earplugs




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