Shoemaker Levy 9 - Pantheon (2006)

from: France
genre: Experimental / Hardcore / Mathcore / Grindcore
audio: 320 kbps

Shoemaker levy 9 was a hardcore band from the North of France. Its personality is marked by the many musical influences of each member of the line up. Its universe is located at the very frontiers of the sonorous extreme. In the September of 2002, the band was formed under the name of Down for life. The band has evolved, and obtained its first on stage experiences through about forty gigs in France, and abroad. Down for life recorded an EP in February 2000 called “It’s always the same old Story”, and had 250 copies pressed. This production was distributed and reviewed on specialised networks. The band obtained an initial experience of recording and established links with labels and distributors. In September 2004, the band welcomed a new drummer. It took advantage of this change to choose a new band name more suitable for the evolved style of syncopated and abrasive hardcore. Down for life became Shoemaker Levy 9. The band worked at creating a new performance, and in June 2005 recorded its first in-studio album, “Pantheon”. This first album mixes the more contemporary aspects of extreme music through a mathcore and chaotic hardcore. This mix of extremes gives birth to a meeting of grindcore, nu-jazz, and electro.

1. Cerebral Dysfunction
2. Beyond Frontiers Of Asylum
3. Deconstructive Process
4. Vestige Of Self Effacement
5. Compassion
6. Claustrophobic Control
7. Absense
8. The Genetic Clock Reign


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