Tera Melos

from: Roseville, California, U.S.
genre: Math Rock

Tera Melos is an epic, complex, and spastic band that incorporates jazz, ambient electronics, prog-like song structure, and hardcore punk all in one to create an original math-rock like sound never heard before.

Their live shows aren’t something to miss. Gone are their old four-piece antics where they typically ran around playing like a hardcore band, hanging from ceilings, doing cartwheels. Now a three piece the focus is more on the music vs the spazz, where they will blow your minds with the speed and grace in which they play.

Tera Melos - Demo 2004
audio: 128 kbps

1. 7th Heaven
2. Flowers
3. Magical
4. i Hate The 80's


File:Tera melos.jpg
Tera Melos - Self Titled (2005)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Melody 1 (1:17)
2. Melody 2 (6:20)
3. Melody 3 (2:31)
4. Melody 4 (4:55)
5. Melody 5 (8:50)
6. Melody 6 (3:42)
7. Melody 7 (4:19)
8. Melody 8 (28:45)


Tera Melos - Drugs To The Dear Youth (2006)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Ambassadors of All That is Good - 1:45
2. 40 Rods to the Hog’s Head - 8:11
3. Guy vs. DC Sniper - 2:00
4. A Spoonful of Slurry - 2:47
5. The Werewolf and Ben - 4:27
6. (Is Good For What Ails You) - 1:34


By The End Of Tonight / Tera Melos
Complex Full Of Phantoms (Split 2007)
audio: 320 kbps

By the End of Tonight
1. Delaware Is Depressing
2. Philthy Collins
3. Jealous of a Ghost
4. Cold Hands
5. Ghost Boat
6. Elvis Never Didn't Die

Tera Melos
7. 555-9676
8. Party with Tina
9. When Worms Learn to Fly
10. Melody 9
11. Last Smile for Jaron


Tera Melos - Idioms Vol. 1 EP (2009)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Meant For You (Originally by The Beach Boys)
2. Koka Kola (Originally by The Clash)
3. Tame (Originally by The Pixies)
4. Blast Off (Originally by Rivers Cuomo)
5. Hey Sandy (Originally by Polaris)


Here are a bunch of live sets for you to download
(All the links come from their "blogspot")

Live from the Boardwalk (Sacramento)
40 rods to the hogs head
self titled
melody 2
cools with a side of weird
song for flowers

Live from the Basement (Nevada City)
40 rods to the hogs head
legion of slurry
driving to mt. hood
cools vs weirds pt 1
cools vs weirds pt 2
cools vs weirds pt 3
when worms learn to fly

«this was their first show as a three piece»

Live from The Silverlake Lounge (Los Angeles)
setup/babbling to the sound person
john c reily introducing 555-9676
when worms learn to fly
purple and stripes
party with you know who
last smile for you know who

«probably the most recent live set available, and the only one up here with vocals. oh yeah, this is also probably the last full set recording they have with vince.»

Live from Atlas Clothing (Seattle)
kelly phone ya
talking heads
currently flux
40 rods to the hogs head
even the king has to wash his hands

Live from Dance Unlimited (Morgan Hill)
when worms learn to fly
the flux and christmas
cools and weirds
werewolf and ben

Live From Nicholby's (Ventura)

crazy long intro



i hate the 80's
radio friendly pop son

«this is an oldie from their very first tour»


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