Whourkr - Concrete (2008)

from: France
genre: Cybergrind / Breakcore
audio: 224-320 kbps

1. Mindgerb
2. Antzcrowzing
3. Bore Injektion
4. Santo
5. Skovsnails
6. Slaagt
7. Freugz
8. Squirk
9. Cera Pollutea
10. Gorowatz
11. Groovinbear
12. Tawakitawa
13. Fatrubber
14. Plantea



Anonymous said...

ok man we've been working 2 years on this release and are trying to find a label at the moment, and this might prevent us from doing so... I understand music has t circulate and all, but could you hold this one back for a while and just put the Myspace link instead? It would really help us you see. Thanks in advance!

-i snor (for WHOURKR)

Rot¢h said...

Yeah, for sure dude!

p.s. excellent cet album, c'est de la bombe! et désolé pour cet inconvénient

Anonymous said...

Supeeeer merci mec