The Great Redneck Hope

from: Colorado, U.S.
genre: Grindcore / Mathcore / Screamo

"Take the technical brutality of The Dillinger Escape Plan,
the raw emotion from Gravity Records' discography, and the
experimentation of The Locust and you would have a rough
skeletal outline of The Great Redneck Hope's sound."

The Great Redneck Hope (TGRH) formed in 2000 with only Dan Harvey and Jeremy Grobsmith as the only members. After writing a 7 song set they played their first show, recruiting their original vocalist Derek Barnett only 1 day before the first show. After that show Aaron Retka joined the band as the bass player. Aaron Retka then recorded a 3” demo, which sounded pretty bad, and they toured on it for some time. They then released “Why Humans Think Computers Can’t” (recorded by porkchop of Catheter fame) which showed a primitive TGRH with vocalist Derek Barnett not yet perfecting his vocal style. That album formed the basis of TGRH’s sound and in 2003, they released “‘Splosion” (recorded by Stan Wood at Volume Studios Chicago, IL) which featured 9 songs with a more perfected vocal attack and increased musicianship but sub-par recording quality. After extensive touring through out all recordings, they released “Behold The Fuck Thunder!” which was recorded at God City (Kurt Ballou of Converge fame) and reflects the bands most polished instrumentation and best recording quality. After much touring after “Behold…” Derek Barnett parted ways with TGRH and they adopted a new vocalist, Bradley Roach. They toured a few more times and played SXSW with Bradley Roach but never recorded with him. After their winter 2006 tour, bassist Aaron Retka left the band and The Great Redneck Hope went on hiatus looking for another bass player. They played local shows for a while after finding a new bass player until sadly going on haiatus in early 2007. Since then they have constructed other projects such as Thruster (Doom) Lorito Opens His Beak (Indie) Sawed Off (Chuggity Chug). Recently, The Great Redneck Hope played a show at The Black Sheep in Colorado after almost a year of being on hiatus.

The Great Redneck Hope - Why Humans Think Computers Can't Think 7'' (2002)
audio: 192 kbps

1.You Can Take Dan's Balls Out of the Jungle, But You Can't Take the Jungle Out of Dan's
2.Ninjas are Awesome, and by Awesome I Mean Totally Sweet
3. Dear Grandma, I Sodomized A Lawn Midget
4. Abortion Doesn't Kill Babies I Do

The Great Redneck Hope - Splosion! (2003)
audio: 256 kbps

1. Hey, Goth Girl, Isn’t It a Little Hot to be Wearing Pants?
2. A Rhetorical Question: What Do Christian Kids Talk About? (Ex: “God is Awesome!” “Totally!”)
3. I Don’t Lift Weights to Impress the Bitches. I Lift Weights to Knock a Sucka’s Teeth Out.
4. Three East Steps to Digging Up and Reanimating Your Ass, Only to Rock It Into the Ground Once Again.
5. You’re Fired, You’re Fired, You’re Fired. Goddman It, I’m Spike Lee.
6. Hey, Girl, Are You Down With Bacteria? And If So, Would You Like to See the Inside of Our Van?
7. Oh, My God. Omigod. Ohhhhh my god. I Thought Nail Guns Had a Safety.
8. I’m Pretty Sure I Got My Cat Pregnant.
9. They Say the People Elect the Government They Deserve, But I Don’t Remember Knife-Raping Any Retarded Nuns.


The Great Redneck Hope - Behold! The Fuck Thunder (2004)
audio: 320 kbps

1. Whoa, Frankenstein! I didn’t program you to make out with boys!
2. Let’s fall in love over AIM so we can fuck when we meet at Cornerstone.
3. It sure does get lonely out here in the boondocks. Thank god for cock.
4. Call me old-fashioned, but I think trains are kick-ass.
5. Girl, are you pregnant? It’s not my fault! You seduced me!
6. Did you ever notice that “stat” is “tats” backward? Dude, that’s so tribal.
7. Cheeseburger Karma 2004: A Jam Odyssey.
8. Pssst! Hey, the lord is awesome. Pass it on.
9. My other car is a centaur.
10. Killing the wheelchair-bound as they exit church with missiles fired from helicopters is my milieu.
11. Are you there, God? Please help me stop masturbating.


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