Johnny Cage Is A Fake - Self Titled (2005)

from: New York, U.S.
genre: Hardcore / Mathcore
audio: 192 kbps

Johnny Cage is a Fake was a band from the Bronx in New York. They formed in July 2004. They did their own brand of hardcore / metal with noise, grind and math influences. They broke up in February 2007.

The former members of the band now have various other projects including Tiger Flowers (w/ ex members of My Bitter End.)

Vocals - Ryan
Guitar - Dean (now in Tiger Flowers)
Bass - Will (now in Tiger Flowers)
Drums - Alex

1. Nigga Please
2. Cooler Heads Will Prevail
3. Holywater Slip-N-Slide
4. Apocalypse Kid
5. The Power Of Negative Thinking
6. Destruction Of Steps
7. Sex With A Mannequin
8. Cujo
9. So Far So Bad
10. Bitchslap The World


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