Cave In - Moons of Jupiter EP (2001)

from: Boston, Massachusetts U.S.
genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Rock / Progressive / Mathcore
audio: 160 kbps

This is what "Cave In" have to said about their EP:
«Wanting to do something special for our 2000-2001 US tour, we assembled this crazy looking CD (one of our favorites from Aaron Turner). Part of the Magic Bullet fan CD series, this EP includes an awesome remix of "Jupiter" done by Brian McTernan at Salad Days in Washington DC (we admit, THIS is how the entire album should sound), and we hope to someday have the entire "Jupiter" album remixed and remastered this good. The piano versions were done by Stephen on 4-track. The piano was recorded at Brookline High School, where Stephen had a painting job over the summer and took time on a lunch break one day to record these songs.»

1. Jupiter (remix)
2. Big Riff (piano version)
3. Innuendo and Out the Other (piano version)
4. New Moon (piano version)


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