Darlings' Cabinet of Sundry Horror - Self Titled EP (2008)

from: New Jersey, U.S.
genre: Gothic / Punk / Gospel
*All the credits goes to Blair Todd for this post

darlings' cabinet of sundry horror is sort of a church.
with darlings' you are there for a funeral, a wedding, or a private disclosure to the most high. the pastoral refrains are soap box, and sardonic. there is a spirit to convalesce, but not to abandon the troubling gnostic notions that make for their horror. Their singer croons like Cave (the bad seeds) and Gano (the violent femmes) contending with both god and the devil in their same manner.

For fans of :
The Birthday Party,
Violent Femmes,
Marilyn Manson,
Nick Cave,
Tom Waits

1. devils! prophets! blind men! ghosts!
2. the knives are out tonight
3. i am the blackest of plagues
4. out of love
5. swimmingly...
6. cough syrup



Heretic Hag said...

New DL link please? I cannot find a working link for this EP anywhere, it's very sad :'(

Digital Malevolence said...

A ne DL link would be awesome, I also cant find this EP anywhere.