Loom - Angler EP(2007)

Hear this band, now!!!
from: Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.
genre: Post-Punk / Math-Rock / Post-Hardcore
audio: 192 kbps

A Salt Lake City, Utah based post-hardcore quintet who are known for their powerful live performance and slowly building a name for themselves with their debut EP, Angler. The band cites a long list of influences including The Casket Lottery, Bear Vs. Shark, At The Drive-In, and Minus The Bear to name a few.

How Is It?:
Angler is a very refreshing and interesting debut release and the experimentation shown throughout the album shows the band had little fear upon entering the studio. As soon as the track “Castles” begins, you realize one of the key components of the band that sets them apart from their peers: a violinist. I am not talking just accents here and there either, the violin is an integral component of the bands sound and sticks out even amongst the frenzied drumming and dizzying, angular guitar work. Before I actually listened to this record and first discovered there was a violinist, I was a bit skeptical, but it just adds more depth to the album. There is never a dull moment on Angler, as Loom is constantly bombarding the listener with their intricate guitar work, explosive percussion and emotion laden screaming and shouting. Loom occasionally will slow the pace a little allowing the listener a short respite before launching right back into their adrenaline-fueled frenzy. Angler is a great starting point for these Salt Lake City natives, and while there are a few parts that could use fine-tuning, my only chief complaint is that this release was not longer. The band is currently working on a full-length and after the talents I observed on this record, I am eagerly anticipating the results of whatever they release next. (AbsolutePunk.net)

1. Castles
2. Hourglass
3. Sculpt
4. Tracers
5. Yell


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