Supermachiner - Rise Of The Great Machine (2005)

from: Boston, Massachusetts U.S.
genre: Experimental / Post-Rock / Ambient
audio: 256 kbps

Supermachiner was intended as a side project of the Boston hardcore band Converge, which includes singer/songwriter Jacob Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou. Unlike the heavier music of Converge, much of Supermachiner is ambient.

1. Rise Of The Great Machine
2. Flight Of Vultures
3. I Am Legend
4. Declaration One
5. Above You
6. The War We'll Never Win
7. Vicious Circles
8. By The Roadside
9. I Am Oblivion
10. Treading In The Wake Of It All
11. Below You
12. Bitter Cold
13. A New Day A New Loss
14. Fireflies Light The Way
15. Remember My Name
16. A New Precipice Before Us
17. Declaration Two
18. Reign Of The Great Machine
19. Last

part1 ~ part2

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