Rollo Tomasi - He Who Holds You EP (2001)

from: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
genre: Indie / Post-Punk / Post-Rock
audio: 320 kbps (CD RIP)

*Do not confuse them with the band from Sheffeild, "Rolo Tomassi".*

This is the debut release of a band that features both the guitarist/vocalist and the drummer of TRALUMA (Caulfield Records). Six songs full of Chicago meets D.C. post punk styled power and hooks.Blending FUGAZI styled guitar parts with SOULSIDE meets IGNITION vocals, ADMIRAL / BLUEBIRD-esque basslines, and a hint of SHELLAC styled drumming; this band is definately recommend for fans of all of the aforementioned bands.

1. Nightmare Men
2. Evil Knievel
3. Eye of Columbo
4. Route Two
5. A Room Alone
6. The New Art


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