Tiny Hawks

from: Rhode Island, U.S.
genre: Indie / Math Rock / Post-Hardcore

Tiny Hawks is an Indie Rock/Noise Rock duo out of Providence, Rhode Island. Their members are Art (guitar) & Gus (drums, double bass). They are closely related to bands out of the “Olneyville scene” which includes bands such as Lightning Bolt. Signed to Corleone Records they released their debut 8 song EP/12” Fingers Become Bridges which musically combines elements of shredder/doom/noise and lyrically resembles the poetics of earlier emocore bands such as Rites Of Spring and Sunny Day Real Estate.

Tiny Hawks - Fingers Become Bridges (2005)
audio: 320 kbps

1. maps
2. are you the king of olives?
3. daniel striped tiger
4. the things you belong to and those that belong to you
5. four days after ariel was shot
6. whenzy
7. you got the right
8. i do not live in love and hate


Tiny Hawks - People Without End (2006)
audio: 256 kbps

1. give it rest
2. eggs in reverse
3. smaller cemeteries
4. where we live
5. unitiled #1
6. illuminate the monsters
7. signal meets a signal
8. born in twain
9. tornado children
10. maker of magic wands
11. gathering the turnip flowers
12. untitled #2
13. people with out end


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