As The Sun Sets

from: Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
genre: Grindcore / Mathcore

As The Sun Sets was a band from Providence, Rhode Island. As The Sun Sets' singer, bassist, and drummer moved on to form the successful mathcore band Daughters. Other one-time members of the band went on to form Bury Your Dead and She Rides (formerly Playgirl)

As The Sun Sets
Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence (1999)

audio: 192 kbps

1. Intro
2. Searching For A Reason To Carry On
3. From This Day Forward
4. Such Words Upon The Tongues Of Demons
5. Unfulfilled Dreams Are A Burning Utopia
6. Carpathian
7. ..Shed For You And For Many
8. A Thousand Falling Skies
9. Everything

As The Sun Sets - 7744 (2001)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Hay Is For Horses
2. I Saw the Saturday Night Sky Over 195 Explode
3. I've Run Over Black Cats That Were Luckier Than Me
4. Noise Track
5. While Others Attend Chatrooms With Erections
6. Feed The Scenesters To The Lions
7. Untitled One
8. Untitled Two
9. Sweet Merciful Crap
10. Borderline Sarcasm
11. 44
12. 77

As The Sun Sets - 8949 (2002)
audio: 192 kbps

1. Your Beauty Is A Car Wreck, I Do Concur
2. If I've Said It Once I've Said it a Thousand Times, Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics
3. Remember When I Didn't Say What I Wanted to Say
4. Untitled Three
5. Black On Black And So Much Class

As The Sun Sets - Limited Summer Tour (2001)(Self-Released)
audio: 192 kbps

Live recording from performance at MassArt. Handmade by the band, and numbered out of 200. CD-R only. 6 tracks; running time about 8 minutes.

1. From This Day Forward
2. Feed The Scenesters To The Lions
3. Hay Is For Horses
4. Girls Don't Talk To Me
5. We Must (delliberately) Bring Him Down From There
6. Untitled


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